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 How To Maintain Your Handcrafted Wooden Cutting Board

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  • At Meadowly, we believe that every home deserves a touch of individuality. Our handmade cutting boards are crafted with precision and passion. We finish all of our cutting cutting boards with Howards Butcher Block Conditioner
  • Our cutting boards are natural wood products that require proper care Please follow the instructions listed below to maintain the beauty and functionality of your cutting board for years to come.
  • After each use, handwash with hot soapy water, rinse and dry with a towel. Place cutting board on end to allow it to completely air dry.
  • Never wash your cutting board in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in water.
  • Apply a food safe mineral oil or cutting board conditioner regularly. Never use corn oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil as they will become rancid.  We recommend using Howards Cutting Board Oil or Howards Butcher Block Conditioner . Apply a generous coat of the oil to both sides of the cutting board and let it set overnight. In the morning, wipe off the excess with a paper towel and discard the paper towel. Your cutting board is now ready to use. 
  • If your cutting board becomes gouged, sand the surface until smooth, ending with a fine 200 grit sandpaper. Apply Howards Cutting Board Oil and your cutting board will look brand new!

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