Nine Fun Things to Bring Camping

Nine Fun Things to Bring Camping

Nine Fun Things to Bring Camping

Time to get ready for camping season! We all know that summer flies by fast here is a list of nine fun things to bring camping, because summer will be gone before you know it. Camping is an affordable activity that can be enjoyed solo or with your family or friends. So get out there and make the most of it. You can do it with the bare minimum of gear a tent and sleeping bag or go glamping with the Winnebago, many campgrounds also rent cabins or trailers on site. Looking for a new adventure? Try Boondocking! It’s free!

Here’s a link for NYS campgrounds which offer cabins . If you have a child with a developmental disability New York State offers the Access Pass. Get it here . It takes one to 2 weeks to process and is valid for 4 years and it provides discounts on camping and free day use.

Here are a nine of our favorite things to bring camping to make your adventure fun and memorable.

Camping Bucket Light

This light is made by us and you can personalize it with your name and hometown. We have several designs for you to choose from, so you can make it uniquely yours. It gets noticed by other campers and can even help break the ice and introduce you to new people. The bucket comes in real handy around camp. This bucket light makes the top of our list of nine fun things to bring camping because it is both fun and practical.

KanJam or Flying Disc

Kanjam is a fun game for 4 players, but you can also play with 2. Make sure you bring a frisbee disc because many state campgrounds have disc golf courses set up

Playing Cards and Board Games

This is “sorta” self explanatory. You’ve got to be prepared in case it rains.

Constellation Map, Binoculars or Telescope

Camping is all about being outside and for many it offers a clear view of the night sky that they can’t get in the city. Download a printable map before you go and check off the ones you were able to find. This is an older website but it is really user friendly

Horseshoes and Other Yard games

Bring the cornhole set, bocce or any other outside games. Make the most of being out side. Get of your butt and go PLAY!


Geocaching is the art of searching for lost treasure, using the GPS on your phone. Make sure you bring a pen so you can enter your name on the log when you find the treasure. You can also bring a trinket with you to swap with other geo-cachers.

Fishing Rod and Tackle

This is a no brainer if you like to fish. Just make sure you have a valid fishing license.

Food, Lotsa Food

You will be amazed at how hungry you can get in the great outdoors. Here’s some tried and true campfire recipes.

Sports Equipment

Tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball and football. Take advantage of the wide open spaces to toss the ball around a bit. Invite other campers to play too. Many campgrounds have the field and courts set up but you will need to supply your equipment.

I hope you get a couple of good ideas you can use, but most of all I hope you get off the couch and get out there while it is still summer. Hurray up time is ticking. Trina

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